best way to reduce gearing?

I need to lower my overall gear ratio. should I just install a 1-tooth smaller (14, right?) countershaft? Does this increase wear on any of the chain guides? I guess that is my main concern.

as it is now I rarely use 5th, never go any faster than 65 or 70 absolutely tops so I would like lower gearing for the trails.

With the stock chain, I was able to run 13/50 (barely). Stock is 14/48. I'm told the chain will wear faster with the smaller sprocket (more turning) - which makes sense, but it's been a darn good chain so far, unlike what usually comes on bikes. :)

I have a 650R and I had 14/50 spockets and loved it thought I would try 13/48 now the gear seems to short and it has more torgue but I liked have the longer gear less shifting. On a bike with a 14/48 changing the front down 1 tooth is like 3.5 teeth bigger in the rear. The bigger the rear spocket and and a smaller front will both give you more torgue. I don't suggest a 13/50 but a just change 1 spocket if you change the front you wont need a new chain. I ride tight single loop trails for your info on were I ride.

I run the 49 in the rear.

Up front its the 13 tooth for tight stuff. (the bike rides like a fat trials bike) there is some minor extra wear on the rubber over the swingarm, but it doesnt seem to be an issue. Top speed is about 75 mph, but comfortable road riding is about 60mph.

14 for medium stuff. top speed is about 95 mph.

15 for Baja. Top speed is about 105mph.

I got my 13 toother at Baja Designs.

I dont need to change the chain for the three, although 140/18 rear tires are tight with the forward slide on the axle for the 15.

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