Honda 185 Rebuild

I just completed my first top end rebuild on my '82 185s. It was running before I took it apart, just smoking badly.

I had the cylinder bored and installed new piston and rings, but I did not do anything with the valves (they seemed to be in good shape). Last night I got everything put back together, and it is not wanting to do anything.

It is getting spark. I have checked and rechecked the timing, and that looks good. It's getting gas.

Am I missing something? Again this is my first rebuild. Any help would be appreciated.


You might Have the cam 180 degrees out put the flywheel on the t-mark pull the plug out put a long object down the plug hole to make sure the piston is at top dead center then take the valve covers of and make sure the rockers have play in them and the cams not opening valves. Now if its all correct take the rotor pickup the goes on the cam and turn it 180 degrees and see if it fires.

you could check the valves by taking the rocker covers off and rotate the crank to the intake stroke and see if the valve opens.

Did you change anything on the decomp lever? Maybe the decomp is holding the exaust valve open. Take that inspection cap off and pull the rope looking for the valve moving as it should.

Congrats on keeping another ATC running!

Thanks for the replies. I took it to the shop, and I had it 180 out of time. Simple enough, but at the time I just could not wrap my head around it.

It now runs like a champ, and the grin factor is huge. Good times for years to come!

what capacity did you get it bored out to? did you stroke it aswell or just bored?

I just bored it to 200. Now it runs like a champ.

I remember my 185s. It was my first ATV way back in '85. That thing was a tank. With the baloon tires we would ramp it off our Dam into the pond. Swim out to it, drag it back to the bank and it would start right up. That was good times until my dad caught us and put an end to the good times.

That's exactly why I got it. My wife didn't understand why I wanted a "deathtrap" since I already had a couple of four wheelers and motorcycles. Then I explained how it was my "classic car." Over the weekend, she rode it after the ice storm, and now she gets it.

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