New to quads

I just sold my bikes after 20 years on bikes. I just bought an 09 YFZ450 and an 09 YFZ450R. I plan on racing them in place of the bikes. Is there any thing to crazy that I should. I am an A rider on bikes.

Don't put your foot down in the corners :bonk:

Welcome to the dark side and enjoy. It's a lot more exciting for me to race the quad than to race the bike.

Don't put your foot down in the corners :bonk:


a whole lot more of moving around on the saddle. dont be affraid to hang off of it.

You get beat up a little more on quads, especially on a MX track being that you have 4 points of contact on the ground with a solid axle in the rear (brake/accel bumps are killer) but to me quads are a lot more fun and technical, I too used to have a bike but couldn't ride it to save my life! Enjoy!!!!

ya quads r definetly better in the strip mines around pa n i used to have a bike but quads r just more fun

Don't put your foot down in the corners :thumbsup:

lol, dont put your foot down, funny you should say that cause i am a bike rider and i was riding at night with friends on HIS quad and there was these possum holes which needed to be avoided and i almost ran into one and i automatically put my foot out and tried to stop lol

i have a bike but i want a bike and a quad, cause i reckon they r heaps of fun, maybe cause its like a car, 4 wheels and you can ride and when you stop you dont have to worry about looking for somewhere to lean it on, and u can drift and stuff, but i am scared of rolling lol.

ha that's funny after a few years of quad riding, I'm switching back to bikes-mainly because there are more places to ride in CT for bikes then quads.

ha ha about putting your foot down in the corners i was doing that with my uncle on the back off the quad he was like *** is he doing lol

I went from a bike to quad to bike again. I still ride both, i have a yz250f and a trx700. I usually take the quad for trail riding and the bike for tracks but they are both fun both places. I feel you on putting your foot down on the quad. Just seems natural. Last time i had it at the track i almost flipped and put my foot down to kick it back and ran over my ankle. Cant make an overall decision on which is more fun. Its like blondes and brunettes, i love them both.

My dad and got a quad (YFZ450 SE 2007) and suprisingly it is pretty fun. I still love bikes, but i was able to ride the quad pretty well. Over 2 days i rode it on an MX track and the desert. The biggest difference is that you have to move around more on a quad and it will beat you up more.

The yfz450r has a lot of work that needs to be done to get the caster right. CHeck into a Checo bracket (SP) that will fix you up. Also a lot of ppl that run the newer R models use zuki spendles just seem to help them handle better. Now the YFZ450 is spot on throw a set of +.5 a-arms some good shocks and your set. Coming from A class on a bike you should easly spank the A class guys on a quad once you get the hang of it.

move around on the seat and use your weight!

theres a ton of shifting ur weight around and wen u go fast around a corner dont put ur foot down, try to get ur ass down by the inside foot peg to balence the quad out

I have both. An 86 CR500R and an 86 LT250R. Also have 07 450ER that my cousin gave to me. I can throw the 450 around like it's the 250. Both bikes and kwads are fun, but I prefer the bike.

fvck, this thread is 2 years old

Lol that's what I was thinking...

I had a YZ400F, CR250R and 660 Raptor quad at the same time until recently.


Used to ride one of them every week in the desert. Bikes are certainly more nimble and better at handling the 'unknowns' that arise as they can manuovre more quickly and at times can be 'manhandled' through a problem area. Quads on the other hand are not so manouverable and you need to be a lot more selective about where you ride. They are also a lot heavier and in the event of a spill, make sure you keep away from the quad as having one land on you is not good at all (came close a few times).


Regardless, it needs to be treated with respect or else it will bite.

Don't put your foot down in the corners :smirk:

Welcome to the dark side and enjoy. It's a lot more exciting for me to race the quad than to race the bike.

Get what you mean bro bikes are fun but if you grew up on quads and know one like the back of your hand, that is the best choice.

Throw that puppy around. If you're heavy you'll love it. Literally hang off of the side of it to counter balance and you'll be golden

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