650L rear subframe removal

I am trying to reduce the weight located high on the bike. any sugestions for reducing the weight of the huge rear tailight and subframe that supports it? any kits out there?

thanks for any advice!

Hey, I've looked around at a lot of the upgrade kits for our 650L. Go to Baja Designs...I think they have a rear tailight kit which gets rid of that frame thing under the fender.

Get a fender for a XR600 from Acerbis or UFO. They have a three lead pigtail that will wire right up. It's not exactly legal, since the plate (now zip-tied to the fender) is not illuminated, but I've never been hassled.

Do what Chorbelt says and get a XR600 fender. Then put a Maier enduro tail/stoplight on it. It looks a regular XR tail light but it has a brake/license plate light. It usually costs under $15 for the light. Then just mount your plate to the fender. :)

...and with this mod it's ok to remove the above mentioned frame piece? Are you guaranteeing me no floppy of the fender over supercross triples? My rear tire has "eaten" the back of the fender once already...

I took off the rear light, put the license plate over the mounting hole and used trailer side marking lights for brake and running lights. Cheap, light weight and DOT approved. This also looks sano and clean.With this mod I removed the frame and have very little flex in the fender.

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