what parts should i buy???


i have a 2004 predator 500. i saved up my money this summer, and am wondering what parts i should buy to maximize the preformance. i was thinking mabey a new exhaust, but i dont really konw what one is best for the predator. help PLEASE!

Most major name brands will offfers similar power gains as long as you rejet to go along with the exhaust. However, to maximize the benefit of the exhaust you need to to with an aftermarket intake and filter. The Predators airbox is just to small and restrictive to offer any substantial gains with just an exhaust. If I didn't already have the WP Carbon Pro on mine, I would go with one of the quieter exhausts out there. You only lose one or two horsepower off of the top of the power band without any loss of bottom or midrange where you mostly likely spend most of your time riding. Motoworks and FMF make great quiet exhausts. Two Brothers has their M7 V.A.L.E. system that allows the use of optional inserts in the end of the canister to reduce the decibel level. I have one on my DR650 that looks awesome and sounds great!!! I'm thinking about getting one for my Predator!!!

ok, next question, should i get a slip on, or a whole exhaust?

I'm not sure of the benefits of a complete exhaust system over a slip-on. Especially since the Predator has to exhaust headers that merge into a collector. Mine has a Rath raching header that was on it along with the Carbon Pro canister, so I don't really know what the difference was before and after the exhaust. Of course if you can afford the complete system, the header will look a lot better than the stock header pipe!!!

ok thanks, i think ill invest the extra cash for headers

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