ltz400 performance upgrades, I need help


I want more power out of my 06 ltz 400 right now it is completly stock, I need more power in the sand like at glamis.

I dont have much money but I want to do this right, I was thinking of a slip on exhaust like motorworks or hmf, but would it be worth it to get a head pipe like the fmf power bomb??:bonk: I also plan on jetting and something like k&n filter with air box mods.

I really want the most bang for the buck so Im a little gun shy with the prices of these exhaust systems. I also need something that isnt too loud for park riding.

thanks for any help. :bonk:

i can help you with a yosh head pipe , and like you said a better intake will also help and with some air box mods or eliminate the air box all together and with some thing like a ex air boot or a trx450r boot or even a ds650 boot cut in half will give an improved hp

or go with one of the 440 kits

Along with all the mods you suggested, consider gearing.

One of the best and least expensive was installing a 04-05 TRX450R 42mm carb on a LTZ400. I port matched the intake to fit and boy did it wake it up.

I highly suggest the HMF, it sounds great on the bike, it is really loud with a deep sound. I have the HMF with a PC5 controller, it ran me about $500. I believe you can order the HMF with a quiet core.

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