1989 lt250r ---no fuel---


so i just picked up an 89 lt250 and it ran fine the 1st 2 days,,,,,,,,,

now it doesnt seem to be getting fuel ,, i cleaned the carb,,but 1 out of 100

kicks itll fire ,,,when it did fire it ran like a bat out of hell ,,, rode it,,,,,shut it down then went to start it again and nothing !!!!!!!!! HELP !!!!!

It could be many, MANY things......

-check the gas cap for venting

-check the needle jet and float

-check the petcock

-check compression

-check reeds

-check for spark/weak coil

-check for air leaks

-clean out tank...........

start with those. :bonk:

ive adjusted floats no change !!!!!!!!!!

not seeing the reeds,,,,i dont think its a 89 ,,,doesnt have the reed cage !!

its getting fuel to the carb,,,carb is clean,,,, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT

When you cleaned the carb, did you take out the pilot jet and check it for a blockage? Not the main but the small one next to it usually under a plastic cap. If the pilot is blocked it will start hard and wont idle down. If you dont have a reed cage behind the carb, and your motor doesnt have a window(power valve) on the right side you have a 85 or 86 motor.The reed cage is under the cylinder.

I'm counting the number of carb/fuel related posts about Suzukis in general, and the number is staggering.. Sorry, I don't have the answer for you on your bike as I am struggling with a similar issue right now myself.

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