1994 bayou 220 still fighting


Do these things ever stop? traded a freind of mine for it 2 months ago not running turned out some one had redon the carb and turned the mixture screw all the way in causing it to run very lean just burnt valves though after getting it running the engine has a knock in it not shore what that is?? but has not efected it for the past 2 months I've ran the crap out of it 2-3 feet of mud flowting the valves for hours. even got the clutch so hot it would not move. let cool and and it goes like nothing had ever happend. this is my first kawi and ive got to say thay built it to last! very inpressed with its abilitys for being a small utility atv.

I have to agree that it is the most dependable machine I've owned. I have a '96 Bayou and the only thing I've had to do was clean the carb.

I just bought a 2002 220 for $600.00. I can tell you this poor thing took a beating and is still in nice mechanical condition considering the neglect inflicted upon it. Needs a bit of love but damn.......my local Kawi dealer told me the 220/250 Bayou are one of the toughest little machines he's ever seen. It's so easy to work on compared to my Polaris 330.

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