Trx 250r vs ltz400


I like both of the quads but i like speed more and i was wonderin which of the two is faster in a drag race.....plz reply with experiences or opinions both are very much appreciated

250R and dollar for dollar you'll get a lot more power out of the classic Honda.

250r will tear that z up. i had a built 400ex and its just outa this world how much diff it is. i love my r. faster then any 450r ive ridden.

not even a comparison...the 250R would DESTROY A LTZ400 without a doubt...but if you want even more GO, check out this little quad called the YAMAHA BANSHEE :moon: about the same price as a 250R and its much faster..

250r for sure. bad ass bikes from their time, still bad today.. A far as comparing it to a Banshee.. Hmmm the 250r is by far a lighter feeling and handling bike then the banshee. The banshee feels off canter to me atleast, no where near as nimble as the R..

yeah. banshees are alrite im dogin either one just cuz i have an r cuz there both great quads but i rode my friends shee and it has dual sst pipes and mine feels like it would destroy it. but when the shee hits top end it feels like its got sum to it but no bottem end at all atleast not compared to the r.

Original post is months old, but.....

If you want a light fun machine and don't mind lots of wrenching on a 20+ year old machine, then the 250R.

If you want to ride instead of spend you time in the garage wrenching, then the LT.

I liked my 250R. About the only major Honda part left on it was the frame and it had a lot of motorwork but it was a nice bike. It always started and ran pretty good. I don't know anything about the Z400 but I do know what 250R parts are hard to come by and if you end up with a Banshee, they are really fun bone stock but when you start spending money on it, its never-ending. Its not that they tear-up, is that when you make a mod in one place you see where you need one in another place...

not necesarly i ride the piss outa my 250r and it takes it with out having to do any work. the only thing mine does is anyifreez come outa the overflow and i think it does that cuz my rad. cap is bad i think. bout the most reliable thing ive ever had and ive alota dirt bikes and 4 wheelers.

actually alot of the 250R parts are the same as 400EX part and are interchangeable. as for the banshee....for the dunes theres nothing better but for everywhere else (were talking only banshee or 250R or maybe LT250R) the 250 2 strokes rule, Im currently looking for a 250R to play around on. as for the Z400, compare it to something that is actually similar--a 400EX

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