Stock suspension settings 04 LTZ400 ? Handling problem?


Greetings to all,

I have a new to me 2004 LTZ400

Could someone please tell me the stock suspension settings.


Preload settings.

Any stock clicker settings.


I had a z250 previously and a Honda 300. The LTZ400 seems to want to hunt around a lot in the sand and has a lot of side to side movement unless I am on the throttle and riding hard compared to the other quads.

Someone suggested to make sure all the settings are stock and to go from there.

Thanks in advance.

Before you go crazy with suspension adjustments, I'd check my toe in/out and tire pressures.

Sometimes it is best to check tire circumferance rather than just the pressure. Your problem sounds like too much toe "in". Set the quad for a 1/4" toe out and see the difference. :bonk:

Naturally I am assuming a tight front end and good swing arm and axle bearings.

I will will definitely check the toe in also, but still looking for those stock settings. I don't think putting everything back to the stock positions will be going crazy. Having these will help me determine if the previous owner went "crazy" with his adjustments.

I just finished working on a Yamaha WR450 that wasn't handling well. The guy had the rear preload beyond max, 30 wt fork oil (Quaker State I think), compression clickers and rebound adjusters all the way in. Set everything back to stock, lubed the linkage and the bike handles great. I got the bike cheap because the suspension "needs to be completely rebuilt".

Thanks for the reply...the toe in is a great suggestion and I will have to read up on how to adjust that and determine a 1/4 inch out.

Here's how I do wheel alignemeny on my quads...

-verify that your rear axle is aligned by cross measuring from left wheel to right foot peg and vise versa.

- clamp a straight 2x4 or similar to you outside wheel and make sure it goes to at least the front wheels so you can measure front and back of front rims.

- if the front measurement is greater than the back measurement, that's called toe out.

- adjust till one side is an 1/8" toe out.

- adjust the other side so that the front/rear measurement has a 1/4" difference.

-go ride and enjoy the stability at high speeds.

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