why dont dow put on woods races????

This is just some dumb kid that just moved here from out of states dumb ass opinion/brain fart. So why doesnt the dow put races on along the frount range of colorado to help raise money and help prevent there biggest problem in the ohv area's...erosion. 1 race has the ability to bring 20-40k. I am sure plenty of people/racers would be glad to volunteer to work the track set up, take down, and race day.......... what i am getting at is the fact it wouldnt cost them anything to do and the could make alot of money that could be returned to these ohv areas like 717 (that was burned down buy a park ranger) reseed, replant and help keep these areas open just by putting on 1 or 2 races in each 1 of the ohv areas a year

Because it's a govt. agency. They are supposed to create problems not fix them.

am i wrong?

No, I think it's a great Idea. But They will then be seen as fraternizing with the enemy From the much larger Greenie lobby.

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