I'm crossing over to the dark side.

My YZ125 have deen continuously giving me trouble all summer. I was going to start racing and just problems over and over so I decided to forget that and just ride for fun. There are no trail bikes that are light weight and have gobs of power and I won't have fun on a bike otherwise because weight is such a huge factor.

I have decided to go for a quad, I'm going to get a Z400 or 400ex. I have about 3,000 dollars to spend. I heard the earlier Z400's have problems with the frame cracking and look pretty narrow to me. Are they nearly as reliable as the 400ex? From what I know they have more power and seem to have more of a racing engine, also reverse is a plus.

This looks like a nice Z for $3,200 http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/1352359816.html

And this raptor doesn't look bad either for $2,500 http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/1354909892.html

That's a lot of $$ for an 04, but it has a few extras and is clean.

I'd keep looking..............:bonk:

I have owned both. Basically, the Z is a 400EX knockoff (in terms of geometry), with a more high reving, water cooled engine. Consequently, the Z is a fair bit faster. Both handle about the same, but the later Z's have improved suspension. The EX got reverse in 05, and the Z has had it since day 1. The Z had problems with shock mounts, only with the first year which was 03.

Both are good all=around machines, but the EX's forte is tight trail riding! This engine will lug down through the nasty technical stuff. I can put mine in 1st and it will idle along without ever touching the clutch. The Z on the other hand can require some clutch slipping, but not anything like a 450 would.

The EX engine is based off the XR400 engine, and is the all time king of durability. (Mine is 10 years old, has thousands of miles on it, and the eingine....yes even the clutch...is original!) The Z eingine has a good reputation as well.

Avoid the Raptor 350 and 660...along with the swine flu! The 660 is tall and tippy, and the 350 is just a warmed over Warrior.

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