trouble wih an 04 z400


Hi everyone, hopefully someone has some input to as what my problem is with my wifes 04 z00. i took it out last friday for a few hours and again on sunday and rode no trouble until sunday afternoon. i was ripping around in a field hitting a small jump and just goofing about, i went to circle around & when i got back on the gas for my approach it bogged out, i pulled the clutch in and let off the gas and it recovered but when i give it some throttle it bogs out. At first i though air filter- checked it and its clean. i'm pretty sure its not the gas because i topped the tank off on friday and got a few hours riding in between the two days next i pulled the plug and its sort of whitish- thinking it's running lean i checked the fuel, on prime it flows through, under res and on positions i blew it back into the tank (because this carb uses siphon to pull gas) so i know that delivery isn't(or shouldn't be) the problem. i start looking at boots and intake and tightened them down to be sure. on the carb i found a small dia. hose thats connected to the carb but nothing else. it's on the left side just above a lemon shaped cover with two screws, the hose is bent and angles up and was sitting against the bottom side of the tank, could it just be a vent as i couldn't find something disconnected. Again this bike will start right up and idle but won't rev up and i can't find an easy solution, is it time to take the carb off or has anyone got any ideas or had a similar problem?any suggestions are welcome.

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