250F based atvs, am I off base?

THis is just my opinion but those 250f engines don't have enough torgue to pull a sport quad around. Given the fact that a 250f bike will beat out a 450 based sport quad in a drag race due to the power to weight ratio and the 250f engines are designed for top end power, I don't see it happening.

If they lowered the weight enough, a 250f based quad might be fast enough but then it would probably be too expensive due to lighter weight metals, etc.

Still, the best all around sport quad of all time (IMHO) was the Honda 250R, so you never know. Nice article too. :bonk:

You make a valid point. Although it might be a moot point as transmission ratios and final drive gearing have a tremendous effect on how that all gets to the ground. Like I stated in the article a "lites" class would need to be established to effectively create a niche for buyers to see the value of these machines. I think a 250F type machine would perfrom very similar (or better than) a 25 year old 250R as the numbers reflect very similar performance and the 250F engine package is pretty lightweight, much lighter than a 450 engine.

This Dyno chart is a bit old, and the numbers don't tell the whole story on how an engine would perform in the "real" world, but its interesting to look at. This is a comparison between an XR400 (basically the same engine as a 400EX) and a 2003 CRF250. Correct the CRF's numbers for current model add about 2-3 ft/lbs of torque and about the same to the HP numbers. Draw your own conclusions.


This will happen eventually, but the slow economy has probably killed the idea for now! It costs as much to build a 250 as it does a 450, so most folks are going to opt for the more powerful machine. There is a market out there. Just look at how well the Raptor 250 has done...but also notice that the Raptor comes with a bargain pricetag!

Plus, most folks will never ever do formal racing, so while the "racing" community would love to have a high performance 250, the recreational market is what will have to completely support the effort. The economy is going to have to be doing very well, for folks to drop that kind of money on an "intermediate" ride for a teenager.

As for the "power" issue, those who can't see this are imagining the little 250 engine in a full size frame. The frame will need to be 3/4 size, and absolutely as light as technologically possible. If you can't see the market for this, just look at the number of adults teara$$ing around on their kids 250's, with a big smile on their faces. Remember....a decade ago nobody could have imagined that pit bikes would be so big either.....

I totally agree with the economy statement. I wrote the article around the idea that if conditions were ideal would there be a market. I wholly agree with your second and third points (briefly eluded to that in the "bigger is always better" statement) Although look at motorcycle motocross 250F's sell just as well as the 450's.

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