gas pouring from carb drain tube help!


after my last ride and wash i noticed gas coming from my carb drain tube. i tried tightening the drain screw but had no luck stopping the leak. so i took out the screw and it appered to be fine. i put it back in but it is still leaking any suggestions? thanks

Sounds like you have some debris holding open your float needle. There is a little brass tube that is also attached to your bowl drain that will allow fuel to dribble out the drain tube in case the float bowl is too full. It does this to keep from internally flooding your engine. I would pop the carb off and clean it.

What he said...

thanks guys.....

had the same problem.after you clean the carbs drain and clean the tank.

bike ran fine last time i rode on it today to get it ready for the weekend and it started but then stalled. noticed it dumping gas out of the tube on botom of float bowl..... come to find out in the 3 weeks my quad had sat some how the float went out of adjustment by if have this leaking problem when the quad is running or if the gas fills up the cylender check your float bowl hight. yamaha says the 05 yfz450 is 8mm from mount serface to the top of the float when the carb is flipped upside down

I know if my YFZ sits for three weeks, I have to remove the carb and un-stick the float needle. This is aggravating for two reasons, first off, my CRF450R could sit for months and fire right up with no problem, and second, the YFZ's carb is a PITA to get to.

hey i had the same problem it was the arm from my needle valve to the float was bent and when the gas came in the carb it would not close the valve and the bowl would just overfill causing it to come out of the overflow this only happened when the bike was shut off, also i have had my float sticking and i just tab the carb or like they said debris in the needle seat, or jets.

i am having the same problem right now. as soon as i turn the petcock it just dumps fuel! i know it has to be the jets or the needle is stuck. i want to clean is but i do not know enough about the carb to set it back to where its supose to be.

anyone have any advice??

^ Just take off the bowl and remove the float, and clean it. If you have a good service manual it will walk you through it.

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