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Yamaha 660 wont start when warm getting worse...

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i have a 01 660r raptor,the engine was rebuilt a few years ago,i just replaced the starter cluch because i killed it cranking it over forever..sometimes it will start up fine but white smoke poures out ,sometimes it wont start at all..now i changed the carbs after having the old carbs badly rebuilt by a local dealer,it stopped the fuel leaking when i leave the gas on after parked..but it sometimes still does it. but the main problem it if it starts and i shut it off it will not start again..even pop starts wont work. when it does run its faster than ever!i was told i damaged the stator replaced it and it started but after 1 ride same problem..so i was told i damaged the flywheel as i did not use the proper tool? but it is charging..i think the valves are too tight and need to be adjusted..but everything i do to this thing leads to another problem..im so po'd i pushed it in the shead all summer.but it time to ride again and want to fix the problems..cant trust the local dealer or shops any ideas anyone?

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