quads @ bandimere speedway 9-20-09

:ride:OPEN TO ALL BRANDS! Sunday, September 20th. The CHALLENGE is between manufacturer's... and YOU represent YOUR brand at this race & show event! Win prizes for your team!

- Huge Custom Car Show

- Bracket Racing

- NEW ATV class for 2009- Heads-up classes for Sport Compacts (USPracing.com)

- RC race and display area

- Vendor Midway

- Hot Bikini Contest ($500 to win)

- Crazy Burnout Contest

- Live Music - local bands and DJ's


i should be at it............. look 4 the cat w/ the white pin stripe pants :bonk:


May have to break out the 2 smoke.:bonk:

i know it cost 40$ to run the rockets...... so quads probily the same but hey quads at the stip, thats a great thing. half naked girls thats a nice perk too!! btw get thier early like 7:30 so u can get your 2 runs in be4 racing starts the line is retarded at the gate by 8 this way u get better pit area too:thumbsup:

Sorry, The kid had a horse show today. How'd it go?

had a baby on wednesday so i diidnt go..... but i hear no quads showed up :bonk: friends took the street bikes up and said it was crazy today but no quads ran......kinda bad for the progression of the sport i think but i got a healthy girl now......... so i can let the racing start back up :bonk: show the folkes on the front range how us east coasters get down:ride::bonk::ride: "fast and fearless":thumbsup:


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