is there a sport 4x4 out there?

sick of my useless 660 raptor and im thinking of a 4x4 but still want to have fun like shifting..going fast..jumping..wheelies..being able to lift it out of a truck! but still be able to put a plow on it for my driveway and not get stuck in the mud or snow..anything like that exist..if not why not?

not bad ,but still a automatic and no plow set ups.the bigest thing that may hold this back is the wheels,for the price they could put something good looking on.went to bass pro last night they were all over piced by thousands but had nice whees and extra things like winches,racks,plow options..but dishing out 10k for a atv?tryed to lift one it was like it was bolted to the floor!

Damn they are getting expensive, 2010 yfz450r is 8500$ and the SE is 9000$. Look around on craigslist for a used one.

There is a "hybrid" class that attempts to bridge the gap between sport quads and utes, but none of them is perfect by any means. The Wolverine and Renegade are examples.

Unfortunately, you want a mix of very sporty handling but also want pure utility characteristics like just forget it!

The closest you will come is the Griz 700, but unfortunately it has a foo foo belt drive automatic trans.

Can Am!

The Polaris Scrambler 500 would be the closest quad that fits what you want. Its an automatic so no shifting but you can still go fast, jump, and wheelie. I wouldn't recommend taking it to a Motocross track but it is more than capable of doing small jumps. Anything more than 20 feet would be pushing it but you can still have fun on it. I have seen people put snow plows on them. They can wheelie but it won't as easily done as on your Raptor though.

The Best way but by far not the easiest or cheapes would be to save your race quad and also get a utility.

I'd love to have one of the big Can Am "sport" 4x4's. They're awesomely big brutes that can do just about anything. That jump was awesome as well for such a big quad!!!

the can am is impressive but expencive..i would not mind if i did not live in a state where its impossable to find a place to ride. im not looking for a atv to be the best at everything(unless im paying over 8k for it!) but one that can do what i want good enough.the polaris seems to be the closest so far a sport atv with 4wd ,but the auto thing seems like its built for a girl or older guy who cant shift. owning 2 quads sounds ok but having to store and maintain bolth does not sound good to me .i have seen some weird new name atvs that look like what im looking for but id be afraid of it breaking and finding parts..who knows if they will be in buisness for having enough dealer/parts trouble with my yamaha and sea doo.

My buddy has a Polaris Scrambler 500 HO (4 stroke). even though its an automatic, that thing rocks! Plenty of ooomph, but you can plow and go mudding with it too.

you can plow w/ them.... they are a great machine... but if you get one it will need an after market clutch w/ better springs.... and we ran Kenda executioner and it would go just about any place.. AND the 500 ho scrambler has over heating problems but that motor is the nutz when it runs

Ya man the polaris scrambler 500 is exactly what u need!!!! Solid bike a lil expensive to maintain but solid city!!!

i had a highy modded wolverine a few years ago,great 4x4 trail machine !! not heavy as the popos either. mine wheelied pretty good and was pretty nimble for what it was,i rode it like a race machine...but it lacked the power of my 450r. i miss it !!

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