Is it true...


Is it true that polaris is not a high quality product, i've heard this a lot.

IMO polaris quality and reliability has suffered compared to the big 4. The newer models seem to be a lot better than the 90's units. They have sold an awful lot of 4 wheelers and there are a huge number of them still out there. But They would not be my first choice when looking for a new purchase.

well im not looking to buy anything considering i have enough on my hands.

But i was just having a curious monent.

I know there were some problems with the first run of 500cc Predators. The engines are sourced from a Japanese manufacturer. I think by the time they came out with the models that included reverse they pretty much had the quality control issue worked out. I think a lot of the reported problems came from owners that failed to properly maintain their machines.

Nop polaris do have a lot of problems I have had two and nothing but problems. 500 scrambler 4x4 2000 model.

Of course they haven't been in the motorcycle and ATV business as long as long as the Japanese big 4, so they haven't had as long to develop a reputation of reliability. Also, to be competitive with the big 4 right out of the gate, they had to take chances on quality control engines built by outside sources. So an engine they designed in house may not have come through the engineering and manufacturing with the same materials and tolerances as originally called for in the design. The design prototypes may have met the power and durability requirements called for, but may have been to costly in that configuration to be profitiable. Thats when concessions are made between the engineering departments and the accounting department. Unfortunately it usually costs the company much more in the long run to take the cheaper way out.

I'll put my well maintained '05 Predator up against any '05 sport machines from the Big 4 any day!!!

They arnt that bad but u have to mantain them better than say a 300ex or 400ex

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