Electrical problem


My brother left the key on on my 06 400ex for a week or so and it drained the battery because the lights were on and shit. I got a new battery and installed it and nothing happened. Any ideas on what's wrong? Thanks.

Need a little more info! did you put the acid in yourself? Was the battery charged? Have you tried jumping it? Do the lights work? Have you checked the fuse?...ect....

In addition to doing what he said.

Make sure all your wiring is connected correctly, bt more info would be very helpful.

I put the acid in myself and it was charged by the mechanic across the street from my dad. I haven't tried jumping it yet. The lights do not work. I checked part of the wiring and I don't see any bad spots. Where is the fuse located so I can look at it?

Got it fixed. It was the fuse.



While I already have a thread going, what's the best pipe for my quad.


I run white brothers exaust.

I've heard curtis spark and FMF are great exhausts

Do you have the full system or slip on?

I have slip ons.

I want full exhaust but lacking the $$$$.

Thats always the problem.

I'd like to spread my mojave also

and put ITP's on it.

And put a lowering kit on BOTH my bikes

Oh. What's the point of a lowering kit?

Makes it look mean.

Mostly for drag racing.

thats what i do.

used to run dirt...

but now the drag strip.

it looks better when there not as tall to me.


What do you mean by "it looks better when there not as tall as me"?

i meant to say to me.

But when you drag race on concrete its better to be lower.

Plus i wanna stretch that warrior.

Got it fixed. It was the fuse.

Cool...:bonk:...glad to hear it was a simple fix!!

I still kinda don't get what went wrong though. The battery had no charge and there was a blown fuse. Is it possible for the battery to die then while riding it blows the fuse trying to charge it. I did about 25 miles.

I'm not for certain but, could your brother have tried to restart the motor after riding and it would not start, then blow a fuse trying and give up in frustration and forget about the key being left in the "ON" position??

...p.s. I'm not trying to place blame on anyone....

That could have happened. It didn't have any charge when we went riding which is because he took it out of the truck and backed it into my garage and left the key on. IDK how the fuse was at that point.

Where is the fuse. I better carry a spare one.

There in the little white box in the center of the picture. There is already a spare in there.


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