anyone agree?


Does anyone here agree that ITP holeshots are the best all around tire?

I've never owned them but, I'm sure they are a great tire from what I've heard/read. I'm a big fan of "grooved" Turf Tamers though.

I've never had those.

I love my holeshots..

Too bad they knock you over the head for a new set.


From a woods perspective:

I own a set of XCT's, which are now sitting on the shelf. They hooked up a tad too much for my liking......which alot of XC racers will tell you the same as well. Same goes for the Razr/Razr2's. I prefer being able to slide a little, which is why I am running Kenda Knarly's.

I did run my XCT's on a few MX tracks.....and they were great.

on the east coast i think the best all around set up is dunlop kt341 and Kenda Knarly rears pluss the Knarly's sell for like 55$ a tire out of motosport

man thats cheap.

ITP's run about $98 for back tire and $70 for front tires.

There high when you buy them from the company or the bike shop

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