My Kawasaki!

What do you think?

The outside is fairly stock, but there's some work in the engine.

The video:

I like it. What mod's are in the motor?

I've got oversized pistons, stage 2 cam.

Jet kit. Big Bore kit.

and K&N air filter.

Slip on E-series exhaust.

It runs. lol


theres 1700 dollars maybe more in that bike, plus the couple hundred i had to drop to change the axel that i wopped from walking my bike.


\I put a DuraBlue axel on it.

haha that sucks.

Is there any major difference from durablue to stock?


Dura Blue is the highest quality you can put on a bike.

They will take A LOT of abuse.

I have it on 2 bikes.

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