Exhausts??? HELP


What is this that i hear about people saying that a white brothers exhaust can mess your engine up.

Some say it can, saome say it wont.


But ive run white brothers on both of my bikes for 10-11 years and they run BEAUTIFALLY.

So can anyone explain to me.

I'm guessing that the people complaining did not re-jet the carb. for the additional flow of the exhaust making the engine run excessively lean.

been there made that mistake!

They must have cuz both my bikes are re-jetted.

They need to learn how to upgrade their bikes..

Everytime someone blows up their engine after putting on a new exhaust is cause they didn't rejet. All bullshi* set aside, no matter what they say it was lack of jetting. Way too lean. Engines are nothing more than an air pump. An aftermarket exhaust (all of them) will improve the the quantity of air that is pushed through it. try to blow air throw a soda straw vs a coffee stiring straw. get the picture. THe only problem with an engine is it sucks in more O2 when this happens, but because the jets are too small to accomodate the increase in O2, the engine runs lean, and hot and you will burn a hole in the piston right below the spark plug!

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