LT80 smoking.


Hi. I have a 2001 LT80. Ive never had anything with oil injection and was wondering if it is normal for it to smoke alot? It even fouls plugs sometmes. Is the system adjustable? Its not my bike so I have no idea what oil is being used. Thank you.



Smoke a lot cold, yes. Once it has warmed up, no. I don't have my manual for the one we had, so I can't answer the adjustability issue.

Most oil injection pumps are adjustable but don't mess with it without some knowledge from a service manual! Most have a cable that runs to the throttle that increases the stroke of the pump as the throttle is opened. This increases oil delivery in relation to load. Most are driven by the engine so more oil is added as the engine spins faster. Generally, you don't want to run anything but the factory settings on an oil injection pump ( oil and plugs are cheaper than engines ). Using a quality oil intended for oil injection should cause very little smoke once warmed up. In my experience, smaller engines smoke more than larger ones. I'd drain the fuel tank and the oil tank and start over to be sure I had good fuel ( not premix ) and oil and see what happens.

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