Replacement Radiator for 99WR400f

My 99 WR400 took a pretty good shot into a tree this weekend. Bent the bars, creased the hell out of the left radiator shroud, ripped my left side radiator almost to shreads (the best for last). I knew it was bad when I saw it puking the green stuff. Never gone up a hill so fast in my life, then I fell off. Anyway I was looking on at an OEM replacement. To my astonishment, it was $300 for a radiator and the shroud was $70. My question is, where (if at all possible) to get aftermarket replacement parts to return the blue beast back to normal. I thought about taking the radiator to a radiator repair shop, but figured they will laugh me out of the room. Looking to save $$$. Any feedback would be appreciated. My hearts a breakin, I've only had her for a few weeks.

Dont pay the $300 +. You will be sorry. Be patient, people sell 400/426 rads all the time in the "for sale" section of this site. Not to mention eBay.

I have a left radiator in nice condition for sale from my 2002 wr426. I am not sure if the 400 uses the same radiator or not. (I know the yz and wr are different - the wr is slightly bigger than the yz). Any way if you are interested I'll sell it for $100. Call me at 602-770-9934. Mark

I've heard good things about Mylers Radiators.

I have also heard a lot about Myler's over the past couple of days. I actually talked to Terry Myler of Myler's, and he sounded very capable. Sounds like he has done many WR's, and if he can bring mine back to life, I will let everyone know. Should hear something by late this week, early next. :)

I can vouche for Mylers. My radiator wasn't as messed up as yours but was bent like a pretzel. 3 day turn around and my radiator was as good as new. :D

I couldn't believe it. :)

Pricing was very reasonable. I think it was 35.00 to straighten, 15 bucks to stop leak, and 5 bucks per weld.

Total cost of 53.00 or something close to that


I've been looking on ebay about everyday. That one must have just listed. Fortunately, through Thumpertalk, I have a couple of sellers for my particular radiator. This site is one hell of a resource. Thanks for the heads up.

Yeah, Myler's said that he usually has a one day turn around on the repair. The rest is gravy. He said his max charge will be $75. Even that sounds reasonable if it can be fixed. These are $300 new. :)

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