VDR Hare Scramble In Colorado

Picked up the GoPro Hero for the wife yesterday. What a neat little camera...

We got some rain last night made the track kinda sloppy. Mid 60's for the temps this a.m. No dust and a fun race. The Wife had the camera on, I'm on the other white zuke. I ended up 1st(really I did beat her) but she took second, and pulled through the gate 5 seconds behind me. One more lap, and I would have never been able to keep her behind me.The vid is just a taste. It was a 1.5 hour race. The mud kept hitting the camera, not making for very entertaining viewing.

Here's a couple of pic's of my daughters wheel. Got a rock caught inside the rim. Good thing it didn't happen on a big jump. I've never seen a puncture there before.:bonk:



alot of quads run????

Not really, just under 20 this time. I think the weather kept some away.

ya did better than me i didnt even get a chance to go..... but i will see u at the next 1 :bonk: nice cam btw got to luv the go pro's

Looks more like a MX race to me? Did you guys ever go into the woods?

There aren't any woods to go through, but that is just the first little bit of the course. There is a huge open area to the west that the course runs through.

Here is a site map. The south pro track is where the vid was shot, I have more vid, but the mud was bad enough it's kind of annoying to watch through the splotches.


Thats Crazy!!....I wish we had something like that in my area. Nice vid..:bonk:

Thats Crazy!!....I wish we had something like that in my area. Nice vid..:bonk:

Come on out. We used to have a guy that would come out from UT for the series.:bonk:

Wish i had the money to come and play but owell

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