project 220


like in may other post pick it up cheep got bored this weekend and started fix en it up keep getting suck on down trees and such so though Id lift it raised it 2 inches now my camber is bit out next weekend Ill fix that ordered my exhaust Saturday should see it next weekend as well when the weather gets a bit worse Ill pull the engine out go through it pops out of 1 gear at least 1 a ride and thank the have some piston slap going on

before and after



front clearance before and after



center clearance before and after



lot harder than I though it would be getting front end camber correct

and I'm still not finished


I love projects.....thanks for sharing and post more info. :bonk:

although I'm not finished started by removing the body and are box dropping the front and rear top shock mounts



cut and lengthened front control arms by an inch to get my camber right

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