used YZ400's?

I am in the process of wanting to unload my XR400 for a YZ400. My price range limits me to the YZ400 models. Are there any particular things to look for in terms of typical mechanical flaws? I am simply tired of eating YZ dirt at all the west coast GP's

Only thing they were known for was breaking kickstarters. I heard Yamaha redesigned the part to fix this so if the bike has had it replaced or has one of the BBR billet units it should be fine. The motors where as reliable as the XR bikes as long as they were left stock and had the oil changed.

I'm sure you noticed my bike for sale below, if you interested I can send you a pictures.

If you search back through the archives you'll see discussions on some common "faults" with the stock bike:

Seat Foam, the stock seat foam is grim, way to thin.

Triple clamps, the stock ones made the bars to close for tall riders.

Fuel tank, Not enough fuel for GP's.

Whether you are interested in my bike or not, I'm be happy to answer any question on the YZ400.

I think you'll have a ball on a YZ400! I ridden with WR400's and there is a BIG difference! :)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Really, the OEM tank is insuffieicent for a 45 minute GP? I have the chance to ride to a 426 next week in order to see if the beast is too much. I would like a 2 stroke, but I am of the opinion that such machines will be outlawed in the next few years, thus making their resale value suspect.

Bill, I came off an XR and believe me its a completely different ride. My XR handled tight woods better but thats about it. I too got tired of YZ's blowing by me like I was standing still. I really had to adjust to the bike but I love it. I bought the 426 but have ridden the 400 I think you will be pleased once you adjust, I would ride my YZ and then get on my XR and it felt like the clutch was slipping or something, the power difference is unmeasureable.

Norman Kissam


I bought a pristine 98 yz400 about a month ago and have 1 harescramble race and 1 trailride on it. The bike is incredible. It accelerates at astonishing speed and wheel spin is minimal. Mine is relatively stock and I think I will keep it that way. It does need suspension work for the woods and I am looking for flywheel weight suggestions. Also, I think it is geared too tall for the woods, so I am going to go up on the rear sprocket. I have raced two stokes in the woods for 4 years and this is my first 4 stroke. All I can say is WOW!!!

I geared mine up with 51 in the back, much better in the tight stuff and for trails.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

No, it will easily last 45 minutes. I have raced GP's and finished with plenty of gas. And I race hard with lots of revs. I think think stock tank could last 60 minutes plus, at race speed. IMO, this bike sips gas compared to 250 2S.

Scott F

Really, the OEM tank is insuffieicent for a 45 minute GP?

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The '98 had a problem with the waterpump shaft/seal. IIRC, it had a soft shaft which would groove and leak. The '99 shaft retrofits.

Scott F

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