replacing raptor 660 clutch??


can this be done in the frame or do you have to lift the motor out of the way. it doesn't look like there is enough room between the case and the frame to remove the clutch cover.

It can be done in frame, but it does take some patients. There are clearance issues with a couple of bolts and getting the cover off is a little tricky. Removing the right foot peg will help some. It would have been nice if yamaha would have put a clutch cover to make this job easier, or even an after market cover would be nice but no one has stepped up for that one.

I had the same problem with my '03 a few years back. I did a bunch of research and found the slipping happens on damn near every Raptor. You need to replace the one way starter clutch. Mine got so bad that it would spin all day and never catch. I finally got tired of it and bought a kit from this site for $269. I replaced it myself in my garage with basic tools and it wasn't to difficult. However, when these go, the clutch itself usually has a tendency to start slipping too. You might be able to make it a year or two but I suggest, while you already have it opened up, you might as well upgrade to a heavy duty, high performance clutch kit. I actually just got mine in the mail last week, along with a GYTR billet pressure plate, and am going to throw it in this weekend hopefully. The clutch kit and pressure plate cost me about $189 just so you know. Good luck with yours man.

I did mine in frame also, and yes it does require some patients. Just go slow, and take it easy.

Yes, like they said it can be done with patience. Pay close attention to the bevel on the steel plates. Face them all out. This will make your clutch grab way better as craziest as it sounds. also I think there is two or three different friction plates. Make sure you get them in the right spot. The first one is a given, but I think the second and the last friction plate is a different plate than the rest. Just check manual or a parts diagram and pay attention to the part numbers on each plate. Pretty sure the raptor is the way I describe. Also make sure you alternate the oil holes at the end of the friction plate fingers. This will keep your clutch cool better so it doesn't overheat and slip and make it last longer. Just thought I would throw you a couple of tips. Good luck

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