Looking for LT230 engine info


I've picked up an LT230 Hot Rods rod kit and Wiseco piston that I'm thinking of grafting into another bike. I've been searching trying to find some information on what kind of RPM those parts will take in an LT230 and stay reliable but I'm not finding anything.

The Suzuki rod is very slender when compared to something like a YZF250. But then the YZF revs to 13500 RPM and has a bigger piston and was designed as a race engine.

Since pistons and rod kits and cams etc are readily available I'd think that someone must be using them to pump up the LT230s.

Can anyone at minimum tell me what RPM a Suzuki manual shows for peak power for the LT230? Even better would be to find out how prone they are to blowing up when someone decides to keep the throttle pinned at high RPM.

A website with dyno charts on a hopped-up LT230 would be really nice to find.

Generally, the little Japanese thumpers are fairly unburstable. But the rod and piston would be going into a bike that will hopefully be seeing 11.5-12K RPM pretty frequently and I'd like to avoid putting in parts that are just going to break.



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