1989 Yamaha YFS 200 Blaster


Hi there i have this blaster that is gutless and seems to struggle. i took the air box off and it had way more power but just didn't sound right. wondering if the air box cover of will make my quad less reliable because i like how reliable it is right now but would like more power for CHEAP! I flipped the front wheels which made a difference in handling. Everything on the bike is stock any cheap or $0 things i could do to hop it up.

I've read the other forums like 240 kit, air box off, flip front wheels, exhaust, jetting, remove oil injection. but wondering if anyone knows anythings else??

Thanks a lot

Do a search on Blaster's here and you'll find the answers you seek.

There are lot's of free things you can do to make a Blaster faster.

Check out blasterforum.com thay have more mods and how to than any where on the net. removing the airbox lid is fine if the jetting is right for it if it not over heating (running to lean) resulting in catistofic failure

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