Help with Raptor 50 Carb Problems


I just purchased a used 2005 50 Raptor. It ran fine originally, but started giving me carb problems. I took out the carb and cleaned it out very good. It started and ran fine. About 3 weeks later it started with the carb problems again. What it does is it will turn on with choke on but will die with choke off. Could anybody please help with this, have a big trip in about 2 weeks and need this one up and running. Thanks


although you cleaned the carb very well, a small piece of varnish could have dislodged from the fuel line, etc and settled in the float bowl partially clogging a jet, probably the pilot jet.

Sounds a lot like a plugged jet. I would take the carb apart and clean it ( again :bonk: ). Before running it again, make sure the tank is clean and filled with fresh gas. You may have some dirt or debris in the tank that's working its way down to the carb and plugging things up.

Took it apart last night. Cleaned the carb really good, all jets seem clean, fuel in-line filter seems clean, also fuel tank filter seems ok. Also opened valve covers and turned engine over and those seem to be working fine. I did notice my battery had a low charge, could the battery have anything to do with it. Have not put it back together yet. Want to get a new spark plug and maybe some new jets. What do you guys think. Oh yeah thanks for the quick response.

Put it back together and it seems to be working fine. Will keep you guys updated.

I have put an aftermarket filter in line on most of my quads. the little jet passages on the little bikes are easily plugged. The in'tank screens will keep the big stuff out, but have a lot to be desired.

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