After market 4 stroke headpipes -are they really worth it?

It seams to me that the yoshimura exhaust headpipe I am looking at purchasing is almost identical to my stock one, does the head pipe really change anything? or do I get my performance boost in the after market muffler on a 4 stroke?

I can see how on a 2 stroke, the shape of the head pipe really makes a difference, but a 4 stroke's head pipe really has no shape or tunability...just straight thru.

Any thoughts?

In most cases, yes. the head pipe will give you performance gains over the stock head-pipe. What application are you working with?

It depends. If you look at a stock Polaris Predator 500 header pipe, it looks to be cast instead of drawn tubing. In that case the inner walls of the tubing would be about as rough as the outer walls. This would reduce exhaust flow quite a bit. I don't know how much difference it makes as mine had an after market header and canister on it when I got it. However, it would only make sense that a quality manufactured header with consistent size and smooth bends will flow better than a mass produced factory header.

Also, an aftermarket canister may not have the same inlet size as the factory canister!!!

Honda EX... The two pipes ID look pretty damn close, though I didnt mic them. The bends and curves are almost identical as well.

It may give you some increase, but it may not be enough for the extra expense.

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