660 raptor with bi polor...starting problems


i did so much work to my 01 raptor in the spring i got mad when it would not start when it got hot and pushed it in the shed all summer. i just took it out checked everything,found the starter relay was week and replaced it.on a charger it starts up fine so i know the battery is gone.but here is the new problem sometimes ill hit the button and it fires up the next time or next day it will never start.it seems to start if it feels like it.it runs great and im not doing anything different so what is going on here?

I had a problem like this and have several issues weak battery, weak starter, bad connections. I could put it on the charger leave it for a while and it would start like a new bike, but if charge was not strong enough it couldn't get enough power to turn the starter. Clean your connections,dont forget the starter button, replace your battery and see what happens.

Had a customers Raptor doing the same thing. I removed the air intake when it didn't start and noticed one of the carb slides stuck wide open, hit the throttle a few times and the slide came down and it started right up. I changed the spring in the carb along with the slide (hard extra parts lying around) and the problem never came back.

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