Bend Axle--what to do.


I mean "bent" not bend!

hello..i'm really a motorcycle guy but the kids ride quads, so here I am. My son's 06 TRX250 has a bend rear axle (left side, if that matters). Are there places that can fix it or am I stuck with trying to purchase a new one?

haven't measured to see how much it's out yet, but a quick check on it last night looked like about .125"



If it only has about 1/8th inch deflection at the end, you could probably straighten it on a hydraulic press. I don't think I would want to catch real big air on a re-straightened axle, but for normal riding you should be fine.

mine is bent too...I plan to use my buddies press to straighten it as well. Have to rig up some sort of jig to hold it

Like any metal, when you start stretching you will weaken it. Something to think about, new OEM is only $96.

i doubt bending the axle back is going to make it noticeably weaker...we aren't building the space shuttle here. I didn t realize a new axle is only $96 though :bonk:

^^^where'd you find a new axle for $96??!!

Been using them for a long time now. They're hard to beat.

..Cool...they are ten bucks cheaper than bikebandit ...Are the parts OEM also??

..Cool...they are ten bucks cheaper than bikebandit ...Are the parts OEM also??

Yup. They also sell just about any catalog part too.

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