making a 250ex a mudder

do you think that i could make a 250ex ok in the mud like if so what shouldi buy for it

You are probably going to need to put on a bigger heavy lugged tire which will be a lot harder for the little 250 to keep turning. I would look for a larger disp. ATV if I were you.

just like the mud in the trails not bogs

You could purchase some ITP Mudlights for the sport quads, its what i run on my warrior and they make a big difference in the mud.

what shouldi buy for it

..a for sale sign that says for sale or trade for 4x4 :bonk:

There isn't much you can do to make your quad a mudder except maybe a set of aggressive tires and a winch for when times get tough.

A set of mudlite tires, K&N air filter & jetting, an HMF pipe, & loose the front rack.........:bonk:

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