06 yfz450 won't idle: jetting


So I have a little bit of a problem. I have a friend that i am rejetting his 2006 yfz450 with the lid off the air box, and the baffle out of the pipe and after putting in the gytr kit amd cleaning carb the bike won't idle. I have the jetting as follows 170 main, 4th position on the needle, a 45 pilot and a/f screw 1 turn out.

I figured with the a/f one turn out I could get it started then tweak it from there.

We got everything back together and could not get it started, I turned the idle circuit all the way in and that is the only way I could get it running but it had a very fast idle. As soon as I backed out the idle screw the bike would die. What am I missing? I have never really had many jetting problems with any of my bikes and now i do a friend a favor and I can't get this thing handled properly.

Any help here would be appreciated.

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