Installed a float needle and seat today- now a problem...


I installed a new float needle and seat in my 02 Warrior last week- the old one was shot and wouldn't shut off fuel so it was dumping fuel in the overflow tube as soon as I turned the gas on.

I started it up when I was done and it started easy, idled good, etc. If I eased the gas on, it revved up fine. If I tried stabbing the gas quick from idle, it stalled immediately. A couple times, it would die and then make a weird inhaling sound like it was gasping for air.

I pulled off the bowl again tonight, sprayed carb cleaner through the jets and verified they're clean. Then replaced the accelerator pump spring. I still have the same issue with it dying if I stab the throttle when idling in neutral. it starts quick and idles perfect. If I ease on the throttle, it's fine. If I nail the throttle from idle, it immediately dies.

Any ideas what's wrong?


Is this a BTM carb?

If so, we had the same issue on out Wolverines. The bowl wasn't lined up with the carb when the screws tightened up and the accelerator pump plunger would stick in the down position. You should be able to pull the black side cover and work the throttle to see if the plunger is moving freely. I had to be very careful about tightening the bowl screws so the pump rod would not get bound up.

maybe it just isn't getting enough air in the mixture try adjusting the air screw, or get a smaller jet. take the airbox cover off and maybe air filter while you are idling it and then reving it just like before (won't hurt it) and if it doesn't bog out when you punch it you aren't getting enough air. just a thought not a mechanic but a thought!

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