Honda 250r COnversion (to YZ426 Build)


Hello, Thought the internet might benefit from some photos and information from this conversion in progress. Its a friends quad and Im helping fab up the new chassis. New quad rate elkas front and dual rate rears, Long travel. Fabbed new lower frame rails, rear motor mount, upper motor mount, and almost close to completed. ENJOY!



New frame rails going in (engine needs to sit 1 inch lower in frame)


New rails


Most recent with uppe rmount and rear mount finished.


Is there nothing sacred anymore?? This is like putting a chev motor in a pontiac.

Nice work though...:bonk:

Don't take this wrong because I've done far more baffling crap then this but why bother with all the 450's already in production?

Part of being a gearhead or throttle junkie is sometimes doing things just because we can! In the long run, project rides always have more time and money into them than you could ever get out of 'em but you definitly end up with a unique machine.

Wow...Unique to say the least.

if that had a 250r engine in it befor you did that then i dont know why you would tear somethein that rare and legendary up like a 250r. it looks good though.

Looks like a fun project, any updates?

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