yamaha blaster


Seen lot people bashing the little machine. But got to say probably one of the most under rated quads out there?

For little money performance is good! Worked on several of these atvs now there stupid simple to work on.

The 2 stroke power plant can be a wake up call for some one how has not ridding them! Little to no power in the low rpm range, you get a large hit of power when you reach mid to upper rpm range. Takes practiced to ride them well!

Like in other post Iv put in these forms. Brakes on older models(up till year 2003) had cable operated drum brakes up front cable operated rear disk. They work decent maintenance is very hi on this brake set up. to keep them working properly. suspension is stiff. But with all that being said to compare it to modern quads its not. Its a good old design that yamaha kept relatively unchanged for a long production run. So I say judge it for what it is and you'll find a good atv under the old tec. Your opinion ??

My son has an '06 thats been ported,piped,lid removed,head milled and reeds.....that little thing "rips".....it sorta seems like a 200r TRX.....if they made one....

Yeah their definatly an underrated fun quad that can make a good amount of power. With a big bore stroked and ported engine they can give a 400 a run for the money... even a 450.....But its still just a blaster. imo They do make good drag bikes though I've seen some pretty mean drag blasters that own the bigger quads.

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