dyno tune

has any1 here had thier quad dyno tuned?? found a shop in colo springs today (jakal motor sports) and dude says he will dyno tune for 250$ or street tune for 150$ are these prices fair? is it worth the dyno tune?

Unless you are a serious racer with a modified ride, I would use the $250 for upgrade performance parts.

Dyno tunes will help you find that last hidden HP in your ride, but it isn't where you start. I'd wait until you're done with modding it.

What quad are we talking about anyway? A YFZ or equal maybe but a Warrior, 400EX, etc.....nope.

All he's going to do is make jetting changes!

its an 05 yfz450 piped,13:1, cam mod,and intake thats about it...... but if he can some how shit out 2 hp from his jetting wouldnt that be worth the 250?? and no i am not some hard core racer..... just a weekend warrior

You've already done the basic mods plus gone to the expense of a higher compression piston and a cam. If you really want to see an improvement in power, I would spend the money on porting the head instead. The h/c piston and cam cannot reach their full potential if the head cannot flow enough air to meet their needs. I wouldn't go crazy with the port work. I imagine just a little clean up and smoothing in the intake especially around the valve guides would really increase the flow on the intake side. Then just a basic clean up and smoothing on the exhaust side will help out as well. I don't know how wild you went with the cam, but you may also want to consider upsizing the valves. Again more air and fuel in equals more power. Also consider having a five angle grind done on the intake valves and seats. It also helps in keeping the airflow smooth. If you go this route, whoever does the port work for you should be able to dial in the jetting for the carb as well. The head is where the big power is found, it just costs more to get it. The old saying is "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?"

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