SAAWEEET 81 ATC 250r questions


I recently got an 81 ATC 250r which is SEMI-molested. Its missing some stupid parts (like the entire front brake assembly sans disc on the wheel, and front headlight assembly). Unfortunately, the previous owner had a dog, who decided to eat the seat for lunch one day too.

Now the good-This thing STILL has the warning stickers from the dealer on it! The engine is also VERY clean and stock, except a "Uni" filter on it, which is coming OFF! The bike also starts 1st/2nd kick.

Ive been into bikes for awhile, and it has this problem-Turn the gas on, it pees out the carb until you start the bike. Im thinking stuck float and a carb rebuild. Guy I got it from said its a fuel petcock, but I think carb rebuild is in order...Correct?

I dont care for the stock handlebars either-they seem kinda goofy and I would like an aftermarket set-any suggestions/success stories? I found plenty of seat covers, but does anyone manufacture seat foam for this year? Should I keep the bike stock considering its year, and go "vintage" class? Very easy to do considering it still has dealer stickers on it, and its condition.

I've never really seen a float stick but check the needle and seat. Could be dirty, could be worn. The guy that told you it's the petcock is special.

For the seat, go to 3wheelerworld dot com and look for a guy named moshman. He and his wife can hook you up with about anything you need in that department.

A true "stock" 81R is going to be worth more then a modded one but they're just not as fun. The basic design of the motor was unchanged for 4 years. The biggest power add you can do internally is a port job. Take it to someone that knows what they're doing and you'll have a reliable monster.

Thanks ATJ! I was figuring a port job, and I also find that they make boyesen reeds for my model too. I use to restore classic cars, and IF I change anything, i'll keep the stock parts in a box. Im also thrilled that I found a stock airbox on ebay tonight for $20! There's an aftermarket "UNI" filter bolted to the carb right now, and thats 1st to go-just too risky either having it fall off, or just not enough protection from the "elements".

A mild head shave and rechamber will help too. :bonk:

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