LTZ400 fuel recommendations


I am curious what type of fuel and oil you are using in your Z400. I am using regular and AMSOIL 10W 40. I heard that synthetic oil can make the clutch slip, but the AMSOIL says that it formulated for the clutch? I am also curious if I should be using a higher octane, maybe midgrade or premium. Thanks

I run Syn Rotella 5w40 in the winter with no problems in my LTR. Stay away from using any oil that states its "energy conserving" in the API index Starburst.

I always have run 93 octane in all of my machines. Why not treat your toy? its only tops 20 cents higher. for 2-3 gallons tops ur looking at 60 cents

as far as synthetic oil goes ,on the lower HP rides it really does not matter . if your going to be pushing 40 HP + then ya its going to slip. then its time for better plates and stronger springs.and a oil thats not so slippery

If your quad has stock compression/ignition timing you are wasting your money, and possibly losing power by going with a higher octane rating. Contrary to popular belief, premium fuel (higher octane) is not better for your engine....unless you have pre-ignition detonation problems caused by higher compression ratios or advanced ignition timing. If you have knocking or pinging than you should run a higher octane fuel to avoid engine damage.

Any motorcycle oil designed for wet clutch applications is fine.....including Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil as it does not contain any friction modifiers. Friction modifiers are what is in an automotive oil that causes motorcycle clutches to slip. Do not use any automotive oil in a motorcycle with a wet clutch.

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