Can anybody help me???

I have an 07 Ds-650 Baja X i have a yoshi pipe slip on and a K&N filter. I do have a jet kit i bought on line its called mikuni and what came with the kit was 2 jets one is 175 an the other is 180 two little tiny washers clear spacer a drill bit and a screw. Is that right I mean is that all i need? I would like to install it myself with some help like someone who now's jet kits really good and i can take it where ever and all they have to do is tell me what to do or somewhere cheap and good to get it done. So if any one has any info then please let me know....

The clear spacer and two washers are for the fine tuning of the needle. The are going to be installed under neath the needle clip. Two main jets, but I think you might need a larger pilot jet. The drill bit is for drilling the bottom holes of the slide of the carb. I have to tell you I hate these carbs, hard to tune in and make perfect.

What I did to a friends DS is installed a trx450r 04-05 model 42mm carb, worked great..

with your stock lid on not modified or drilled holes in it shim up your needle 1 washer under stock needle 2 1/2 turns on your fuel screw up 1 size on your main i believe that will be a 168 from a 165 thats all a ds 650 will need with your mods without a professional tuner doing the job. it will run hard all day long,excellent quad!

Ok. I got it we did it a few days ago we are running a 180 jet 1 extra washer in with the stock needle the fourth or third notch for the e-clip and 1 1/2 turns on the mixture screw and the air box lid off. Got the info from BRP the makers of the bike outta Australia and the dude I bought the kit from finally and the stock set up blu print from Australia said run a 175 jet but the 175 is for elevation over 5000ft and the 180 under 5000 took about 4 hours to tune and test and then finally BOOM that monster let loose outta the box I mean I was like WOW!!! Good hell it had some hidden power and thank you guys very much for the info and in put.....

Glad we could help.

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