I Need help jetting Please......

I have an 07 Ds-650 Baja X i have a yoshi pipe slip on and a K&N filter. I do have a jet kit i bought on line its called mikuni and what came with the kit was 2 jets one is 175 an the other is 180 two little tiny washers clear spacer a drill bit and a screw. Is that right I mean is that all i need? I would like to install it myself with some help like someone who now's jet kits really good and i can take it where ever and all they have to do is tell me what to do or somewhere cheap and good to get it done. So if any one has any info then please let me know....

Which pipe was on it from the factory? If it had the race pipe you might not need to jet. If it had the USFS rated you still might not have to jet if your Yoshi is a USFS rated with spark arrestor.

Need more info to give any recomendations.

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