kodiak 400 wont turn over... electrical gremlin


My 2000 kodiak 400 will not turn over with the electric start. It has a brand new battery fully charged and completely clean terminals and connections with dielectric grease. It does not make the buzzing/clicking sound associated with a bad solenoid. The motor does turn over if you jump the solenoid... so its not the starter.

Heres the weird thing... if you pull the rear brake lever in, it will make a very slight buzzing sound somewhere near the battery/electrical components. Not like a solenoid chattering, but a really quiet buzzing.

I found that if I pull the white relay out and jump the two wires that it will start just dandy with the button. So I put a new white relay on last night... and it doesn't do anything. I'm thinking maybe there is a broken/melted/bad wire that goes to the control side of that white relay? I dont have a wiring schematic so i'm kind of at a loss. I'm going to go take a look for anything obvious, but its hard to know what im looking at without a schematic.

If anybody has ideas let me know... please dont tell me to check my battery leads for being loose or something like that... i have been through the basics.



The white relay has a bad ground.... but I don't have the foggiest on how to trace it down. The culprit wire is Yellow/Black from the relay and into the CDI. With the key off, that wire has the full 12.6V when holding the multimeter to the positive terminal of the battery. As soon as the key switch is turned on, the voltage drops to about 6.7V and SLOWLY trickles up to just over 7V. That is enough power to get about a half revolution of the motor with the electric start... then it dips back down to 6.7V.

With a jumper wire from the negative terminal of the battery to the yellow/black wire on the relay the electric start works perfect. I dont know where to begin fixing this? I dont think its CDI related... but its possible. Anybody as confused as i am?

So I put the battery charger back on the new battery.. and low and behold it works. The voltmeter was reading 12.65 volts before I put the charger on... not really sure whats up with that. Defective new battery? I charged it for about half an hour, then rode it hard for about 10 minutes... went out this morning to start it and it started right up. Time will tell if it holds up.

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