Kickstarter too high or too low

I recently did some clutch work on my 2002 CR250 and after I put everything back together, my kickstart is either too high or too low. When I put it on the spline shaft it is either too high where it hits the frame or too low where it hits my pipe.

Now I can only assume that the spline shaft that the kickstart mounts on is coarser than the idler gear end. So I should be able to slide the spline shaft out (after I take the whole side off again) and rotate it one tooth. I am hoping that will put the kicker in the middle.

Does anyone know if the kickstart splines are coarser than the idler gear end?

Also, can I remove the right side engine cover without taking my clutch apart?



Ok so I read through the manual and it looks like I didn't align the punch marks on the starter assembly when I put it together. I am sure that this is my problem.

I will let you know.

I just got an 02 and have the same issue.This is the only thread I could find in my search so i am digging it up for the masses. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I dont have a manual for the bike yet so I havent been able to look at anything in depth. I pmd the op but have not heard if the issue ever got solved. Mine doesnt have alot of wear so im hoping I can find a solution. My bike does have an FMF pipe on it other than a small ding in it the pipe fitment looks good. Anybody have an idea?

Taking the kick starter assembly apart worked. When I put the kick starter gears back together the first time I did not align the punch marks.

I took it apart again, aligned the marks, put it back together and everything was as good as gold.


Thanks! Im gonna go ahead and pull it apart and check it now. I cant see any other reason why it would hit.

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