HELP! Rebuilding my carb & Can't find all the orings

Hey guys, I'm rebuilding my carb on my 02' 450r and I can't seem to find anyone that has the orings for it. I purchased a rebuild kit from honda that included jets and orings for the top of the carb and the bottom bowl section, but theres a middle section on the carb that you can unbolt and theres a few orings in there that are not included in the kit. I called honda and they said that they can't order just those orings and I might be stuck having to buy another carb... *** :bonk:

I've already destroyed the old orings when I took it apart so I can't finish my bike without these parts. Has anybody changed these orings before and where the heck can I find them. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

that part of the carb is considered non serviceable by keihin.

Can anybody please help me on locating one or what I should do please

buy a used carb off ebay

You are basically screwed. That is the one section of the carb that you cannot and should not take apart. Sorry for the bad news.

Will a carb from a 06 work on a 02 or is the middle jet section that I need that same? Has anyone tried one of those Athena dual jet ventri carb kits, someone told me that I might be able to find the oring in that kit.


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