Sealevel jetting setups.

Hi gang...I'm jetting the KLX this week and was looking for suggestions about sealevel jetting in the pacific Northwest. It's a pain in the *ss to get into the carb so if anyone in the area is jetted well i'd love the input to save as much of the trial and error as possible. Is a fuel screw necessary or just advised. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.:bonk:

I am in ontario and at 500ft above sea level

check out the detailed description in this thread

several posts down from top is mine

good luck - proper setup makes the beast come alive!!

Fuel screw is a must - do it right the first time and save yourself a lot of grief!

JD jetting kit, sealevel needle on middle clip, 165 main, stock pilot, flex fuel screw (Must have!) but the icing on the cake was the R&D fuel bowl... The R&D made the bike very crisp and I can tweak the leak jet (run 50/55 in the summer, 45 in the winter/fall).

But with out the R&D bowl it ran pretty good....

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