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All right First pic in the new sled forum:banana:




Hi guys,is this whole forum new? I never noticed it before.I'm just getting back into sleds again after about 25 years.My son and I have a motocross track and my son has been riding/racing bikes for 25 years but has never rode a snowmobile.I would like to get some "snow cross?" going here.........This might be the wrong place to post,if so sorry but I didn't see any other posts.

Nice pictures by the way,would love to have one of those sleds!

brand new

my dad had a 96 indy 680(?) ultra sp 100+ mph on snow is crazy

brand new

my dad had a 96 indy 680(?) ultra sp 100+ mph on snow is crazy

I had a tripple piped and clutched ultra and that thing flew. You would see over 120mph on the speedo, but speedos on sleds that are more than 5 years old are usually 10% fast. Im going to need to get some pics of the F7 I picked up last night.:bonk:

My 09 m8 limited, awsome sled2009210-1.jpg?t=1256008507

ok guys dont laugh i love this old girl. shes a 1987 Polaris Indy Trail 488 Fan. i got her from my gramma last year completely stock with only 350 miles on her. i put a 144 finger track on her home made tunnel extension, smaller drivers, raised the bars and put a set of 2006 apex bars on her. and repinstriped her oh, and ski skins. this was the day i flipped her on her lid and wiped the windshield off.


This was in Island Park a few years ago. I ride an 08 XP 163"


1 more


04 700 RMK with 151" and a few mods. I ride it in the wind-blown ditches of Minnesota. When there's a little crust on top I can get her to "stand" a little taller. wheelie.jpg

i used to live in sd... that's the only thing better there then here in co

We have a cabin on Tug Hill in NY which get's the most snow East of the Mississippi here are some pics.







i feel so so sorry for my sled this picture is a couple years old but i am upgrading to a 98 srx600 right away. anyone think that a srx would handle this kind of riding better than the trail touring deluxe?:bonk:cap0001.jpg

My 07 phazer fx



First i had this 02 viper with 2 inch risers i put on then i painted the screens yellow


Then i got this 03 rev 800


2003 Arctic Cat Z 440


well i got the dirtiest sled on here so far:ride:


1981 arctic cat el tigre 6000

and the oldest:lol:

well i got the dirtiest sled on here so far

1981 arctic cat el tigre 6000

and the oldest:bonk:

haha not quite! i have a 1980 yamaha enticer 300 just dont have any pics

here in mt there is a bowl the everyone calls Tigre cause back in the day some guy rolled a 6000 all the way down one of the chutes and there were tigre parts everywhere.

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